Royal Guidance of His Majesty the King Rama 9 Bhumibol Adulyadej

In order to develop a country into prosperity, we must first develop the individuals residing that country because the main elements of a country, which are each individual person, did not receive any development, it will be difficult to be prosperous and sustainable for all. There is only one factor in developing an individual-and that is education. You can divide education into two parts: one is education by theory and the other is coaching and discipline.  This will make them individuals, who are kind-hearted, have good intention, thrive for progress, and have morals and ethics. To wholly develop an individual, you must complete these two parts so that this person will have the knowledge for engaging and graciousness to support all their actions into a virtuous path to yield desired results…

Chiangmai University’s Commencement Ceremony
January 24th, 1996


Because we all are… individual elements that have the importance in driving Thaisociety to flourish. We must all initiate with each individual’s development, and because of this reason, we do not wait to act on driving the society to have competence. Through “building individuals”, we believe that “youth” are the important force to help elevate the society to better changes.

YCM’s main goal is to expand opportunities for youth to understand the process of thinking, promoting awareness on the values of being a commendable civic citizen, promoting volunteering behavior, and skills in creating innovative media for society.

YCM (Youth Civic Media Learning Center)

Youth Civic and Media Learning Center (YCM) was founded by Mr. ToonHiranyasub whose dedicated half of his life for social work, especially in “Thought Process Development” and promoting commendable civic citizen among youth. His inspiration originate from his gratitude in the country and giving back in the form of social subprojects under YCM. YCM is now sponsored by the Boss Foundation by Mr. WisuthWittayathangorn

President of The Boss Foundation

“We are all a part of the force is driving this country into a lucrative future. The question is, who will we entrust our nation’s future to?
The answer is: all of our grown-ups’ actions today that have a hand to be the force in driving Thai society together”.

Mr.ToonHiranyasub, Project Director

What we worry about most in modern day society is not the wrong-doings from people, but more of people who are ignorant in taking actions to contribute something good to the society. From my extensive experience working with youth, I can see that they have distinctive views and thoughts that are quite fascinating and so I would like to open up all possible opportunities for them to be able to direct their energy into positive contributions for the society”.

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