Youth Civic and Media Learning Center (YCM) is a project that aims at training youth in two main skills:

  • Skills in process of thinking management, analytical skills, nobility, and morals and ethic

Creating awareness on the values of being a commendable civic citizen, promoting volunteering behavior, promoting responsibility and consideration towards society, and empowering youth to take on actions to create better life quality for the society

  • Media Skills Learning To create awareness for different topics they see as problems in the society and use these 5 different medias learnt to create inventive campaign in driving the society into a gratifying change:
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Print
    • Online
    • Special Activities (Events)

YCM is a continuous youth development training project in which participants will be able to integrate their learnt knowledge into activities for society and campaigning on different topics through variety of media effectively. Other existing activities and projects includes Thai Youth Media Network (TYMN), Sustainable Bangkok Campaign (SBC), and Sustainable Environmental Campaign with UNESCAP and other organizations.

All of this is a start-off in creating a ripple effect for a truly sustainable social reform that the society can benefit on.

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