• Youth Development through training
  • Allowing youth to learn process of thinking and how to be a commendable citizen with volunteering behavior
  • Equipping youth with media skills in creating inventive media
  • Generate admirable changes in individuals- family- and society
  • Creating sustainable reform changes in society through media campaigning and through youth who create changes (Change Agents)
  • The Boss Foundation (Main Sponsor)
  • Government Agency/ Non-Profit Organizations
  • Private Sector and General Parties

YCM Structure



  • The Boss Foundation (Main Sponsor)
  • Government Agency/ Non-Profit Organizations
  • Private Sector and General Parties


We Change World Change

  • Young Green Blood
  • Eco-School Program
  • Media / Social Project & Social Enterprise

A youth development training project that foster youth to become qualified civic citizens who will be a responsible leaders in society, has nobility, morals and ethics, and are the leaders of change in sustainable social reform changes through activities, projects, or social enterprise. They will use media as their tools for creating compelling effects in society.

Target Group: Youth 13 -24 years old

Project Period: Long term


Youth Career Exploration Program

“Near home, Near work” Course      

A youth development project concentrating in work skills and enhancing opportunities for participants in applying for internship programs basing on their individual interests and housing areas. This project aimed at shaping experiences, job opportunities and future income for each attendees-enhancing each individuals’ employability.

Target Group: Youth 18-24 years old

Work Skills Learning and Internship 1 day + 4 months (hands-on experience


Youth Civic Media Learning Center (YCM)

Training3 Days / Camp 10 – 15 Days
Training center for volunteering youth by equipping youth with process of thinking, analytical skills, instill morals and ethics to create awareness in values of being a commendable civic citizen, and developing skills in qualitative media in supporting social activities and campaigning in different social topics for awareness.

Target Group: Youth 13-19 years old



Expand all network, covering 50 districts and to national level and AEC.

Social reform campaigning with 5 different medias (Television, radio, print, online, and event).

Youth Civic & Leadership Volunteer

Volunteering youth leaders creates a wide-range network for operation and strengthen the force behind reforming the society.

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