Phase 1: Implanting ideas and commendable volunteering civic citizens (activities)

  • POT: Process of Thinking
  • Youth Civic Knowledge: Awareness in being a commendable citizen with volunteering behavior


Phase 2: Increasing knowledge and extending results

2.1 Developing Media Skills

Production Course

  1. Television (Youth Television)
  2. Radio (Youth Radio)
  3. Print (Youth News & Magazine)
  4. Online (Social Network)
  5. Activities (Events & Activities)

Objective: for campaigning different topics for society

  • Environmental Campaigning, to preserve our environment
  • Family Campaigning, to create better communication and better family value within families
  • Social Campaigning, to create social awareness of problems and issues


2.2 Enhancing knowledge in Social Enterprise

  • Project consideration and action for society
  • Social Enterprise (SE)


Phase 3: Performing commendable civic citizenship, creating innovative media for society

  • Survey and analyzing problems in community
  • Summarize points and methods in operation
  • Operation activities/ Media production and expansion


Phase 4: YCM project development and further expansion

3 Levels of Network Establishment

  • Bangkok Metropolitan Area
  • National

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